Sharlene Durfey is an image maker. Using a camera and a computer (and at times a blade, scissors, glue, etc..) she creates images beyond that of the lens of a camera. Her aesthetic is sometimes surreal, often colorful but always quite graphic as well. She’s inspired by fashion, patterns, colors and often creates her own costumes to tell a unique story. Because she learned to use Photoshop before she learned how to take a picture, her approach to her images might seem backwards to some. But it’s her experimentation that makes her stand out. She loves a strong creative collaboration.

Durfey explored her creativity straight out of college when she lived in San Francisco. She’s self taught in all that she does. She then explored fashion and photography while living as an artist in Los Angeles. Now she’s relocated to Berlin to learn even more about herself and to hone in on what makes her unique. She’s excited to work with new artists and fashion brands to collaborate on making her best work. Feel free to contact her to inquire about work and collaborations. 




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